Your Problems Are Our Problems

We view every employee as a "salesperson" for the company.

Yet, it is the IOME Sales staff who partner with you directly, to gain a better understanding of your business, and work to find a solution that best fits your needs.

The IOME Sales Staff provide you with a very specific portfolio:
  • We serve the entire state; calling on you in person and not just a phone contact.
  • We are employee owners. Our goal is your satisfaction first, not a checkmark in the "sold" box.
  • We support one another. Each individual member of the sales team has specific knowledge and experience in a variety of areas. We work together to satisfy and understand your specific needs - whether it is a bulk plant, airport, biofuel, C-store, dealership, agriculture facility or any of the other markets we serve.

Our Sales Team

Staff bradrodgers

Brad Rodgers

Staff markmclaren

Mark McLaren